Firewitch hardy, low and loyal

March 20, 2009 by Rick

The bright pink flowers of the perennial Dianthus ‘Firewitch’ glow against its needle like-silvery foliage. A good place for this plant is in the front of flower beds. Mix in taller cool-colored blue petunias, violas or pansies for sturdy spring beauty in your design. This durable low grower is a plant of the year winner designated by the Perennial Plant Growers Association. Plant it in a sunny spot in your garden and it will thrive with one good watering per week once you get it well established. Try the Pot-in-Pot method and rotate it to the front of your mixed border when it is blooming heaviest. You can maintain Firewitch in the original soil and container for 2 years if you don't kill the microorganisms in the compost blend by using too much salt based fertilizer.


A Lavender for Florida

March 18, 2009 by Rick

Lavendula Pinnata buchii has gray feathery leaves. It grows to about 2 feet tall and spreads to about 2 feet wide. The tall branching spikes of violet flowers appear from fall through July. It takes full sun, has low water needs, and is hardy to about 25 degrees. The fragrant foliage can be sensed in the garden with any light breeze as the numerous and continuous flowers dance in the wind. Lavender Pinnata is a 'THRILLER' that works well in cool season combinations and flower borders. Often you can get a second year of performance if the summer is not excessively rainy. They won't tolerate a wet site so you may have to start over the following cool season. This lavender is inedible.

Stardust glows in the garden

February 16, 2009 by Rick

Stardust Shasta daisy is unusual because it blooms every month of the year in Florida unlike other Shasta’s that are limited to late Spring bloomers. Grow Stardust as an annual in South Florida and as a perennial in North Florida.