Pazazz Purslane is Turning Heads

July 9, 2009 by Rick

Florida gardeners have taken notice to this much improved series of patented purslane from plant breeder Danziger. Bred in Israel, Pazazz is the first purslane series to have open flowers all day! Pazazz even opens on cloudy days.

Pazazz has more vigor and performs as a perennial in areas of the state that escape hard freezes. It is only available at your Florida Home Depot's and only in the 1 gallon Florida Friendly Perennial pots and the Classic Selection 9 count handle packs. The Home Depot tag says annual but that is a national description you can ignore until new tags are available. All the purslane in the green 1 gallon pots are Pazazz.


NEW Pazazz_Vivid_Yellow_Purslane







Thanks for making Pazazz one of this years most popular new plant introductions.

From an earlier post .....  Penny Carnathan, garden writer for the Tampa Tribune, has written about and planted and enjoyed Pazazz and we are sure you will enjoy this major upgrade of an all time favorite Florida Friendly Plant. Check out this post in The Dirt.

Cora Vinca Headlines Huge Annual Sale at Home Depot

May 13, 2009 by Rick

Large, beautiful gallon annuals regularly $2.97 are on sale through Sunday at your Florida Home Depot for $1.67 while supplies last. See store for details and limits.

Vinca used to be one of the most popular bedding plants around. However, its popularity has suffered due to its susceptibility in the home garden and landscape to aerial Phytophthora. Realizing this weakness in the plant, Goldsmith Seeds set out on a twenty year breeding program to come up with a series of seed vinca that would be resistant to this devastating disease. The result of this effort was the introduction of Cora™ vinca, the only vinca series from seed with patented disease resistance to aerial Phytophthora. (NIRVANA vinca is a vegetative Phytophthora resistant variety, also bred by Goldsmith and with even larger blooms is available as a Premium Flowering plant)

This breeding breakthrough will benefit gardeners who have planted beautiful vinca plants only to see them perish in the garden during adverse weather conditions.

Benefits of Cora vinca include:

• Patented disease resistance to aerial Phytophthora

• F1 hybrid vigor

• A real heat lover that thrives under humid or dry conditions

• Large flowers

• A variety of beautiful colors are available



Purslane Hybrids with Pazazz - You Will Like These!

April 11, 2009 by Rick

Purslane - Portulaca oleracea are a favorite warm season tender perennial that are very popular throughout Florida. The new Pazazz series significantly upgrades the flower power. Find them now at most of your Florida Home Depots and you will have more flowers that stay open all day. Pazazz Purslane will make a great long lived 'SPILLER' item in combination planters for hot sunny spots. Pazazz Purslane is very forgiving so go on vacation and water it when you return and it will be just fine. Pazazz is available in the convenient Classic Selection 9 count trays and gallon containers in a variety of colors.

PurslanePazazzPinkGlow PurslanePazazzVividYellow

PurslanePazazzRoseGlow PurslanePazazzUltraPink


Pazazz is the first purslane that has flowers that stay open all day long and even open on cloudy days!

These patented hybrids were developed by a plant breeder in Israel for their extremely dry climate. Consider replacing some areas of thirsty turf with Pazazz.

Firewitch hardy, low and loyal

March 20, 2009 by Rick

The bright pink flowers of the perennial Dianthus ‘Firewitch’ glow against its needle like-silvery foliage. A good place for this plant is in the front of flower beds. Mix in taller cool-colored blue petunias, violas or pansies for sturdy spring beauty in your design. This durable low grower is a plant of the year winner designated by the Perennial Plant Growers Association. Plant it in a sunny spot in your garden and it will thrive with one good watering per week once you get it well established. Try the Pot-in-Pot method and rotate it to the front of your mixed border when it is blooming heaviest. You can maintain Firewitch in the original soil and container for 2 years if you don't kill the microorganisms in the compost blend by using too much salt based fertilizer.


Livingstone Daisy 'Mezoo Trailing Red' - a great new plant

March 14, 2009 by Rick

Mezoo Trailing Red is a new plant introduction that trails and is often used in combinations as a replacement for variegated vinca vine, a plant typically used in planters with geraniums and spikes in states north of Florida. Mezoo Trailing Red performs well in Florida all year, flowers are small and red but the foliage is the attraction. Use it as a 'SPILLER' in combinations to echo white in other components. Combine it with other succulents for a low water use, long lived planting. We see this plant becoming very popular as a Florida Friendly Plant. As a ground cover it will brighten your sunny garden with very little water or care. The prominent variegation makes it glow in the twilight hour making it suitable for 'White Gardens'. Euphorbia Diamond Frost is another drought tolerant perennial to combine with Mezoo Trailing Red in plantings with Pentas or red or pink mound Lantana. Mezoo Trailing Red in plantings with Euphorbia Diamond Frost and Knockout Roses accent the roses give the bed a bouquet look of baby's breath and bright foliage. You will find many uses for this wonderful new plant that thrives in Florida's hot sun and even grows well in bright shade. There are lots of right places for this right plant!


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