Natives for Your Neighborhood

October 5, 2009 by Rick

A very informative site is being developed to help you determine what might grow in your environment. Natives for Your Neighborhood (beta)

Gardeners looking to integrate wild species into their landscape for the benefits of attracting butterflies and birds to the garden will find this tool helpful. The images are clear and the information insightful.

Corkystem passionflower This is the native passion vine that is well behaved. Be careful where you plant the pretty Passiflora incarnata. It suckers and sprouts up far from where you plant it and become a dominant invasive plant in your gardens and your neighbors.  

The site helps you figure out what your preexisting habitat was before it became subdivision on deep sand fill dirt. Be aware that the natural soil is gone from the subdivision as drainage and water shedding was improved and retention has been altered and moved to a central site when the bulldozers and dump trucks created the streets and home sites. This means that what was growing on the site previously will not perform the same way if you try it again. Always consider Right Plant - Right Place weather you design your garden with natives or other Florida Friendly Plants that attract wildlife and are more attractive to gardeners. Look around similar neighborhoods for plants doing well in settings similar to your own. You won't have to look far. Take a digital camera with you and capture local plants you would like in your yard. Discuss the plants with other gardeners, neighbor, friends, or your local County Extension agents whose job it is to help you get it right.


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Timing is Everything in the Garden

July 28, 2009 by Rick
Gardening in Florida is seasonal dependant just like in other areas of the country. Just because we don't have freezing weather you can't succeed by planting anytime you get the urge. NOW is the time to get an urge and do some preparation. I know it is hot and rain is predicted but if you drive to the farming areas the farmers have already plowed the fields and are preparing to plant cool season vegetables, fall tomatoes, peppers, corn, onions and strawberries. Check out the newly updated Florida vegetable Guide from these links. Successful Vegetable gardening can involve composting and rainbarrels and timing that avoids major pests. Learn about this from the Cooperative Extension Service for free. This video is well done and illustrates a progression that gives you an idea of how much work you are going to have to do to get started. You sure want to do it at the right time if you plan to eat from your back yard. You also may want to get involved in a Community Garden to learn by doing before you start digging.

This Lawn is Your Lawn from roger doiron on Vimeo.

Choosing Success in The Garden

July 16, 2009 by Rick

Did you ever go into a garden center and were so overwhelmed with choice that you couldn't decide on anything? Here is an interesting video that might shed some light onto garden center shopping dilemmas and happiness.

bookJacket5 The Paradox of Choice Video introduction


With so many choices at the garden center these days how do you decide what to plant in your flower bed or garden? Successful gardeners usually rely on some past experience and couple that with recommendations from various sources. A common reason for choosing a plant is a reaction to seeing one successfully blooming in your area. You choose to have that plant in your yard too. When the plumbago is heavily blooming many people come to The Home Depot and ask for the blue flower they saw across the street at the neighbors.


Often choices  are made from what is available in the garden center the day you are there. The Home Depot tries to have it all. According to the Paradox of Choice video, they have too much?

Choose Success. Choose Florida Friendly Plants at The Home Depot that will perform to your expectations. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Every day people plant vegetables that are out of season and flowers that won't grow in the place they are set. Ask questions at the garden center because this knowledge has to be learned for you to succeed. The Home Depot wants you to be successful in every purchase and will gladly give you back your money if you are not satisfied. While you are here, bookmark our Database Search Engine so when you are looking for that Right Plant for the Right Place you have a place saved to come back to.

"Consult the genius of place in all" to quote Alexander pope. Check out the free and easily accessible  U of F Cooperative Extension Service.

You are here reading this so you rely on the web for the correct Florida gardening information. Click on the Pass it on Florida tab at the top of the page to share success with friends, family and neighbors (another choice). While you are at it click the subscribe tab for regular updates on gardening success in Florida. Also check out our blogroll for some timely tips and interesting facts and images. I highly recommend Hoe and Shovel for accurate first hand Florida experience and the outstanding pictures that show Meem's success and learning experiences. You can't go wrong following Meem's blog. You are sure to see something growing there that would be right for you. The Dirt has plenty of timely tips and advice too. Make a plan. It could be as simple as I need a plant that is right for this spot in my garden. Choose to be successful.

"Consult the genius of place in all"

May 28, 2009 by Rick

Alexander Pope's 1731 statement is one for the ages. Today gardeners can seek local genius from the U of F's body of Florida research by scientists that seek out and publish facts to make us successful. As gardeners we benefit from the knowledge of what plant works in what setting. Right Plant - Right Place. The recently updated Vegetable Gardening Guide tells what modern and heirloom varieties of vegetables will work in the part of Florida where you live but just as importantly what dates we need to plant them to ensure a harvest.


If you garden in Florida your genius bookmark should be Solutions for Your Life. There you can easily access the knowledge database from the U of F Cooperative Extension Service and find the right answer to common and not so common problems with your turf, garden, house plants, pets, energy consumption, home economics and much more. The information is local to your county and staffed by a local genius who is just a call or email away and it's FREE.

You will also find your local county extension office is also the office of your local Florida Yards and Neighborhoods coordinator. FYN information is largely based on U of F research and partially funded by the DEP and water management districts to help you decide how to plant the Right Plant in the Right Place the right way to protect our rivers and lakes. Pass along these links to family, friends and neighbors so Florida's environment can improve. Learn what it takes to do your part to protect the environment and you too can become a genius of place.

Help is just an email away

January 26, 2009 by Rick

The State of Florida through the land grant college, the University of Florida, provides research and information through county Extension offices. Getting the right answers has never been easier or faster thanks to the web and the efficiency that the University system has set up. Follow this link and bookmark it so you can email or call to ask your local county professional just about anything that is plant or pest related and get accurate and unbiased help.



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