Plan and Plant Wildflower a Garden part 2

November 20, 2009 by Rick

Plan and Plant Wildflower a Garden

November 2, 2009 by Rick

Ornamental Grass - Putting on a Show

October 25, 2009 by Rick

Muhly Grass is a Florida Friendly native grass that is a spectacular fall bloomer.


This grass is widely adaptable to wet and dry areas throughout Florida


Look for them now in most Florida Home Depot stores.


Red Fountain Grass is the most popular ornamental grass. Use ornamental grass as a substitute for thirsty turf areas where you don't want to irrigate as much.


Ornamental Grass adds accent structure and height to a garden.

Fountain Grasses work well in containers. Be sure you cut back the old foliage and flowers in February to 4 inches above the soil line so all new foliage and flowers resprout to repeat the spectacular show again each year.



Movement is another design element that adds interest and is most easily attained with ornamental grasses sited to sway in the breeze.


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Color Me Native - A Coloring Book for Children that Teaches them Native Plants

May 7, 2009 by Rick

A free coloring book brought to you by the Florida Native Plant Society. Download the pages at:

Coloring Book 


Teach children through visits to the garden and let them color and learn about the nature that surrounds them.

A Letter to Governor Crist on Proper Pruning of Palms

March 1, 2009 by Rick

Dear Governor Crist,

There is a butcher on the loose and he is attacking our state tree, The Sabal Palmetto.

Actually there is an army of unqualified butchers destroying the health and aesthetics of the tree that symbolizes our great state.

With March designated as Florida Friendly Landscaping month, I would like to request that you somehow raise the awareness of the widespread improper pruning practices that lead to their poor health and decline.

Thank you from all the citizens of Florida who can see this abuse.


Rick Brown

Sabal palmetto improperly pruned

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