Glass at the Botanical Gardens

September 4, 2010 by Rick

Always a big crowd pleaser, Dale Chihuly has displayed glass works of art in botanical gardens and enhanced the visitors experience. If you get a chance, take your camera. Here are just a few glimpses…






Visit the Chihuly Exhibit at The Morean Center in St Pete. Find them on Facebook.



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Kew Botanical Gardens Conservatory

January 6, 2010 by Rick


A few years ago we visited London and The Kew Botanical Gardens. This first slide show features the grounds near the entrance and the Palm House and Tropical Rainforest collections. I will post other sections later. The Conservatory was completed in 1848 in the Victorian Era. These showcase Gardens have been on my list of places to visit since I first heard about them as a teenager. It is a trip I will always remember. Most of the palms and tropical plants are species we can grow here in Florida.


Kew has the greatest collection of plants in existence and has them cataloged with many species accessible for study. You could spend a day in the grass garden or climb the alpine section exploring the rocks for a week. Think you know most of the salvia species? Take a look at the salvia garden and think again.


Kew offers many educational opportunities for all ages and all levels of gardeners. The Brits are over the top with gardening. I could spend a summer there traveling to British gardens and estates. Make that 2 summers. I hope to visit the Cornwall region in southwest England and the Eden Project, Cornwall’s most visited attraction. Cornwall is also where they film my favorite television series, Doc Martin.


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