Beneficial Organisms and Humates for Your Garden

July 20, 2010 by Rick



What is TurfPro? As this Link Says:

    TurfPro is the ultimate 100% naturally organic humate soil
    conditioner. It is a powerful nutrient converter and bio-
    stimulant that is very easy to apply. Use it as a root drench
    and also as a foliar spray where the benefits are systemic,
    providing the necessary nutrients and resistance to pests.

Read the whole story on their web site and you will see why it is in all of our soils and how the benefits carry over to your garden from our plants. It has been well worth the cost in fertilizer and water savings for us. Our annuals and perennials produce better root systems and flower faster. The soli mix stays moist longer and rewets easier.




We use the AgriPro Natural – Dry at 18 lbs per cubic yard and get the full microbial charge, good mixing and distribution on dormant microbes and nutrients all at a lower cost than alternative microbial amendments and organic additives.



We buy it in these 1 ton bulk bags and use a tractor mounted spreader to apply it to the compost before disking it in for blending.

We hope you find our plants survive better and establish quicker in your garden. The microbes in our soil will prevent root rot disease long after you plant and you are enjoying the Florida-friendly flowers they produce in your garden. Remember to never exceed the label rate when using synthetic fertilizers or you will kill the microbes and increase the plants susceptibility to disease. If you want to read how this product works and why it would be good for everything you grow (including your lawn) and the Florida environment you can read this summary – To Improve Your Soil, Think Organic!

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