1. What is our association with Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program, The University of Florida and The Water Management Districts Florida Friendly Landscaping Programs?

Riverview Flower Farm’s Florida Friendly Plants TM registered trademark is our effort to indicate that the plants we grow will grow successfully for you in the subtropical Florida climate in your climate zone. It is also an effort to differentiate our nursery as one that strives to provide the best selections of the most popular plants using the best potting soil and best management practices for your success, our success and the conservation of Florida resources. Our association with these agencies is that we agree with, we practice, we promote and follow the same principles they recommend for protecting and conserving the resources and the environment. Our hope is that soon everyone will learn and follow their sound advice and be as Florida Friendly as possible.

2. Where are Riverview Flower Farm’s Florida Friendly Plants TM available?

We have partnered with The Home Depot since 1995 for many good reasons. The Home Depot has the most nursery locations of any dedicated garden supplier and sells far more high quality plants than the other major retailer’s combined efforts. The Home Depot maintains the best looking presentations of their plants and offers a year-round selection to their many loyal customers. The Home Depot Garden Club is now the largest Nursery website and is continuing to update efforts to localize selections, offerings and coupons down to the zip code level. Our working relationship in supplying the Home Depot has been rewarding for both of us for many years and we continue to improve quality and variety to remain your best shopping option. Thank you for making us number one.

3. What is your criteria for supplying Florida Friendly Plants to the Garden Centers?

We stock your local listed Florida Home Depot Garden Center with plants we grow in anticipation your needs. The weather and seasons for both growing and selling plants is always something we are focused on and we try to improve this best guesstimate process all the time. We keep the stores in stock to the best of our ability with seasonally appropriate quantities suitable to complete your garden project. We get better at this every week and our goal is to have what you need at the store when you need it to plant a successful and beautiful garden. Talk to one of the knowledgable Home Depot Garden Center Associates if you have special needs or a large project so we can plan ahead.

4. Why is the Riverview Flower Farm potting soil superior to other grower mixes and how does that help me garden?

 Our organic potting soil is alive with beneficial organisms. It is a rich blend of compost and peat moss that allow your plants to absorb natural nutrients and water much better than light weight mixes with lots of inexpensive fillers. Salt based liquid and slow release fertilizers can be used at the labeled rate or less so you do not harm the beneficial organisms that will multiply and spread into your garden. These beneficial organisms form a symbiotic relationship with the plants root system and grow as the roots grow to protect against disease and nematodes which are microscopic root destroying worms. Adding organic matter (peat moss, compost, leaf mold, cow manure) enhances this symbiotic relationship so your plants can grow better with less salt fertilizer and less water. The labeled fertilizer rates were developed for less fertile light weight mixes. You can and should use less fertilizer when growing in a rich organic potting soil or flower bed. Spend a little more on building the soil and save a lot on the fertilizer while keeping the waste and runoff to a minimum.