Shrink the Size of Your Lawn Today!

April 7, 2009 by Rick

Sedum hybrid 'Florida Friendly Gold' TM is a great new plant from a European strain introduced in 2005 that has proven to be tough as nails in Florida. It takes the South Florida heat and humidity and is not bothered by cold we get in North Florida. Florida Friendly Gold stays 3 inches above the soil and spreads and stays full and lush throughout the year. It grows great in full sun and also performs well in a surprising low amount of filtered sun or partial shade and still holds that great chartreuse-gold color. Available in Classic Selection 9 count trays at many Florida Home Depot garden centers for use as a well behaved edge plant in the front of the flower bed or border. We recommend using it in containers as a 'SPILLER' for a perennial that lasts through many seasons if not years of sturdy performance.



 This introduction is being picked up so fast by gardeners that I think it will be one of the most widely used new plants over the next 10 years or until something else chartreuse comes along that is easier to grow, drought tolerant, grows in all Florida zones and has the ability to replace areas of thirsty turf.

If you are considering replacing large areas of turf that you are unable to water with the current water restrictions you may also want to add other colorful drought tolerant turf replacements that add a contrasting color to your design like Purple Queen. It is time for all of us to come up with water conserving strategies for our landscapes.


Purple Queen adapts to hot sunny areas and requires little more than rainfall to keep it looking good as a turf substitute.


Sedum hybrid 'Florida Friendly Gold' TM is starting to bloom right now and the yellow flowers add color and attract butterflies to your spring garden for about a month.



A perfect combination SPILLER that is carefree and drought tolerant that blloms in Springtime.


Sedum Florida Friendly Gold makes a great topper for container plants like citrus, roses, hibiscus or potted palms that will be thriving in direct sunlight.