Perennial Mania at The Home Depot - Day 3

May 22, 2009 by Rick

The WOW price on perennials in the green Florida Friendly Plants containers continues until Memorial Day, Monday May 25 while supplies last. Tell a friend. Click the Pass it on Florida link at the top of the page. (See store for limits and details). Mexican Petunia 'Purple Showers' - Ruellia brittoniana 'Purple Showers' (AKA R. twedia) is one of the toughest, showiest and most widely used Florida Friendly perennials. This cultivar does not produce seed and was found to be sterile by University of Florida research published in 2002 that was sponsored by the Department of Environmental Protection. This is important because the non sterile wild Mexican type has exploded in Florida wetlands over the last century and they are impossible to eradicate. The wild type is listed as a category 1 invasive species by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council. Wading birds continue to spread the seeds far and wide making them a dominate species in many of our wetland areas. Purple Showers is a wonderful sterile Florida Friendly Plant. Your garden will have no impact on the wetlands using sterile Purple Showers which is an excellent choice as it grows well just about anywhere with little or no extra water or fertilizer thus reducing your environmental impact further. No wonder it is becoming one of the most popular perennials in the south.



Disney uses Mexican Petunia 'Purple Showers' extensively for it's year round color and durability in a very wide range of water and light conditions. Here it is growing as a permanent planting in the beautiful floral display beds in the Canada attraction at EPCOT. Mexican Petunia 'Purple Showers' grows in ponds or in dry sandy soils and even tolerates coastal Florida salt air well.

A Lavender for Florida

March 18, 2009 by Rick

Lavendula Pinnata buchii has gray feathery leaves. It grows to about 2 feet tall and spreads to about 2 feet wide. The tall branching spikes of violet flowers appear from fall through July. It takes full sun, has low water needs, and is hardy to about 25 degrees. The fragrant foliage can be sensed in the garden with any light breeze as the numerous and continuous flowers dance in the wind. Lavender Pinnata is a 'THRILLER' that works well in cool season combinations and flower borders. Often you can get a second year of performance if the summer is not excessively rainy. They won't tolerate a wet site so you may have to start over the following cool season. This lavender is inedible.

Stardust glows in the garden

February 16, 2009 by Rick

Stardust Shasta daisy is unusual because it blooms every month of the year in Florida unlike other Shasta’s that are limited to late Spring bloomers. Grow Stardust as an annual in South Florida and as a perennial in North Florida.