Riverview Flower Farm was founded in 1982 by brothers Rick and Dave Brown and Dave’s wife Diane. After years of growing and experimentation, the brothers defined Florida Friendly Plants TM as the garden plants that perform best in Florida’s heat and humidity. These selections are regularly updated to reflect the latest breeding breakthroughs that test well in this environment. 2018 is a particularly good year for new Florida Friendly Plants for your garden and more plants are testing for the future.

In 2006 the Brown’s were awarded the prestigious Commissioner of Agriculture’s Environmental Leadership Award for their innovative low impact pest fertilizer and water management systems. These systems are still in use today and being widely adopted by growers throughout Florida the US and beyond. Growers continue to visit the farm and seek this “Green Growing” technology.

In 1995 Riverview Flower Farm partnered with the peninsular Florida Home Depot garden centers who are committed to staying in stock year round to service gardeners needs for colorful reliable guaranteed Florida Friendly Plants. Seasonally appropriate and climate zone appropriate plants are stocked frequently and often daily to best meet your needs. This Home Depot relationship allows us to quickly bring to the market and manage the inventory of the best performing and newest tested plants available from amazing breeders around the world. Thank you for all of your support over these many years. We could not have succeeded without you.